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01-Fire links (intro).mp3 1.13 mb
02-Head in the zone.mp3 5.39 mb
03-We be burnin'.mp3 4.95 mb
04-Send it on.mp3 5.00 mb
05-Ever blazin'.mp3 4.37 mb
06-Eye deh a mi knee.mp3 4.09 mb
07-Give it up to me.mp3 5.56 mb
08-Yardie bone (ft. Wayne Marshall).mp3 4.41 mb
09-Never gonna be the same.mp3 5.05 mb
10-I'll take you there.mp3 5.41 mb
11-Temperature.mp3 4.96 mb
12-Breakout.mp3 4.11 mb
13-Head to toe.mp3 5.99 mb
14-Connection (ft. Nina Sky).mp3 4.84 mb
15-Straight up.mp3 4.27 mb
16-All on me (ft. Tami Chynn).mp3 5.93 mb
17-Change the game (ft. Looga Man & Kid Kurup).mp3 5.36 mb
18-The Trinity.mp3 4.93 mb
19 - Feel Alright.mp3 5.11 mb
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